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The following recipe is going to teach you how to prepare a competition style pork rib that is sure to blow away your friends and family at your next BBQ or event.


  • Pork ribs (preferably St Louis cut)
  • Meat Mitch Pork Rub
  • Meat Mitch Whomp BBQ Sauce
  • Heavenly Hell Sweet Succulent Swine Rub
  • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar for spritzing
  • Half a block of butter cut into 10-12 pats
  • Honey
  • 1 cup of brown sugar


  1. Preheat your smoker or kettle to 275 degrees F. You should be aiming to keep your cooker between 250 - 275 degrees F for the duration of the cook. We recommend Cherry wood for this smoke however any type of fruit wood would work just as well.
  2. On a cutting board of bench, flip the ribs meat side down and remove the membrane off the back of the rack. This is very easily done by grabbing the membrane with a paper towel and pulling it off. Alternatively, use a butter knife and slide it between the membrane and bone (second or third bone in from either side). Then, gently lifting the knife, separate the membrane from the bone. You can then get your paper towel and grab the membrane and pull it off - hopefully in one shot! Removing the membrane will allow your seasoning you are about to apply to penetrate into the meat more effectively.
  3. Seasoning - apply an even combination of your seasonings to each side of the ribs. Use the Meat Mitch Whomp rub as the base coating followed by the Heavenly Hell Sweet Succulent Swine rub as the top coat. Allow the rub to adhere to the ribs for 15 - 30 minutes. Dont let the rub adhere for any more than 30 minutes as this will draw moisture from the rib and potentially dry out the meat during the cooking process.
  4. Place the ribs meat side up in the smoker. Spritz the ribs with apple cider vinegar every 45 - 60 minutes.
  5. Smoke for 2.5 hours or until you get the ribs to a beautiful mahogany colour. Dont get hung up on time - always look for the bark to be set as well as ensuring the colour is right
  6. Lay out 2 x even pieces of heavy duty aluminium foil. This is to protect the juices and sugar / butter / honey / combinations you are about to add to the ribs as there can be a chance that a single layer of foil will be pierced due to the meat pulling back from the bone. Create a bed with 1 handful of brown sugar and 5-6 pats of butter on top of the sugar. Squeeze a generous amount of honey over the butter and sugar combination. Remove the ribs from your smoker or kettle and lay the ribs (meat down) on the sugar / butter / honey bed. Repeat the sugar / butter / honey bed step on the bone side of the meat. Wrap ribs.
  7. Return the ribs to the smoker or kettle and continue to cook until meat is probing tender and has pulled back from the bone and exposed the bone about 1/4" inch. This typically takes around 2 hours depending on the ribs however as mentioned earlier, don't get hung up on time rather make sure the ribs probe tender.
  8. When satisfied the ribs are probing tender, remove the ribs from the smoker or kettle and unwrap. Turn the ribs over so the meat side is up. The ribs can either be removed from the foil or (our preferred method) keep the ribs in the foil but fold the foil around the ribs, leaving the top of the meat exposed. This is known as boating and will help keep your cooker clean when applying the sauce. Be careful as there will be hot liquid due to the sugar / butter / honey combination the ribs have been sitting in. Let the ribs steam off. While this is happening, warm up some Meat Mitch Whomp BBQ sauce (either in your smoker or kettle or stove or microwave). Once this is warm, paint the sauce on to the ribs and return the ribs to your smoker or kettle.
  9. Leave the ribs on the smoker or kettle for 10 - 15 minutes to set the sauce. This will tac up the bbq sauce and help stop it from running down your face. If you like your ribs saucy, apply more of the BBQ sauce to the ribs and give them another 10 - 15 minutes for the sauce to set.
  10. Remove the ribs from the smoker. Allow them to sit for a few minutes while you marvel at your amazing creation. This would also be the time to take one of those photos worthy to be shared to The Rub Society's social media pages. Then slice and enjoy!