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Mexican style pulled pork


  • 1x BRZ Mexicana
  • 1x Angus and oink Mexican seasoning
  • 1x Bulldozer BBQ lucky Plucker
  • 1x Boston Butt/Pork shoulder
  • 1x Jalapeno
  • Mustard
  • Tinfoil


  1. To prep the pork shoulder you need to work your way around the meat trimming off any hard fat you may come across. When trimming the pork shoulder ensure that you are keeping the piece of pork as symmetrical as possible, any loose “tags” of meat hanging off the sides will only cook quicker and dry out.
  2. Apply a binder, we suggest mustard as it helps amplify where you have placed the rug and how consistent you have applied it. Once you have applied the mustard it’s time to add your rub.
  3. Add either of the rubs provided to your pork shoulder. Hold the bottle of rub roughly 20cm above the piece of pork to ensure it has a consistent spread. Once you have applied the rub let the pork rest for minimum 20 minutes. (now fire up that smoker)
  4. For this cook you want to be running your smoker at the 250f/120c mark.
  5. Once your smoker is at temperature add the pork to your smoker and let it smoke for 2 hours.
  6. After 2 hours spritz your pork with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water. Continue to spritz every 45 minutes from this point in.
  7. After roughly 5 hours it’s time to wrap your pork. Please be aware that the wrap stage will vary depending on how big your pork butt is. The key here is that you are looking for a nice bark on the outside of the pork and a consistent mahogany colour. Temperature wise you are looking for 165f/74c. Please only use temperature as a guide.
  8. Now it’s time to wrap your pork. Place your pork on tin foil and give it a light spritz with your apple cider vinegar and water mixture (this is the last time you spritz the pork). Now it’s time to apply some jalapenos, slice a jalapeno into roughly 1cm-2cm wide and 0.5cm thick slices. Apply these to the top of your pork. Come over the top with Bulldozer BBQ Lucky Plucker. This will add an extra bit of heat and flavor to the pork. Please ensure you taste the sauce and are comfortable with the heat levels before applying.
  9. Now that your pork is wrapped place it back on the smoker for roughly another 3-5 hours. Please be aware that this time can vary each time you cook a pork butt. Ensure that you allow for stalls in the meat.
  10. After the 7 hour mark take a temperature probe to your pulled pork. We are aiming for the 200F/93C mark. Once again the temperature is only a guide. You are looking for probe tenderness, this means the thermometer should go through the pork like butter.
  11. Once you pulled pork has reached probe tenderness, reminder this could be after 7 hours or 10 hours it can vary, remove the pork and rest in an esky if you wish to serve later or in a climate controlled room for at least 30 minutes if you are eating it straight away.
  12. After the rest period here comes the fun part! Start to shred your pulled pork. We recommend adding some fresh jalapenos as well as some lucky plucker but remember, heat is a personal thing so ensure you do it to your taste.
  13. Once your pork is shredded simply add it to your Mexican staples such as taco’s or burritos