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Beef Short Ribs


  • Beef Short Ribs


  1. The first step to making the most perfect Beef Ribs is choosing the right type of Beef. Anytime you are cooking beef always ensure you never cheap out when selecting beef. By no means does this mean you always need to spend $$$ and always cook with Wagyu, but choosing a nice piece of beef with great marble and spending a little more will always end in a better tasting meal!
  2. Now you have selected your beef it’s time to trim it. Leaving the membrane on is completely up to you. Unlike pork ribs, if you did leave the membrane on it won’t alter the flavour of your meal. However, if you prefer to remove it, that’s fine too! Now you have dealt with the membrane turn the ribs over and remove the fat. You want as much skin exposed as you can without taking off too much!
  3. Come along with your binder, this can be olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and apply it to both sides. Now it’s time to apply the rubs!
  4. Start with Postal Barbecue - The Original Rub as your first layer. This rub will allow the basics of a beef rib recipe to adhere in your first layer. Once you have applied The Original it’s time to come over the top with Kosmos Q - Cow Cover. Cow Cover is going to add extra flavour whilst also allowing a beautiful mark on top.
  5. Whilst your Rubs are adhering it’s time to fire up your smoker. Beef Ribs should be cooked indirect and can be done on any type of smoker or charcoal weber. Allow your BBQ to hit 250F/121C and then ensure you hold that temp steady. You can go as high as 275F/135C or as low as 225F/107. Remember the higher the temp the quicker they cook, and the lower the temp the longer it will take.
  6. Place your Ribs onto the smoker and do not open the lid for 2 hours! This is important as it allows time for the ribs to form a nice bark!
  7. After 2 hours its time to give your ribs their first spritz. You can use water with a mix of beef stock/apple cider vinegar. Close the lid and continue to let them smoke.
  8. Monitor your ribs every 45 minutes spritzing them as they need.
  9. When your ribs hit an internal temperature of 165F/73C its time to wrap. You can decide to do the whole cook without wrapping your ribs but ensure you spritz regularly as the risk of drying your ribs out does increase. Wrap the beef ribs in some butchers paper and place them back onto your smoker.
  10. As the ribs are cooking we are looking for a temperature of 205F/96C. HOWEVER, as always we are looking for probe tenderness. As a rule of thumb I would start probing your beef ribs for tenderness at around the 195F/90C range, but be aware you make need to take it as far as 210F/98C
  11. Once the ribs are probe tender remove them from your smoker and allow them to rest for at least 1 hour.
  12. ENJOY!


Ribs can rest wrapped in an esky for up to 4 hours, save yourself the stress of not having them completed in time for dinner and start your cook a little earlier


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